Ben & Florentine Breakfast Franchise Meets Growing Demand for Breakfast

Proven business model is a unique opportunity for investors to bring high-quality, affordable and creative breakfast foods to their communities

Americans are thinking outside the box when it comes to breakfast, no longer relegating breakfast foods to morning hours. Canadian concept Ben & Florentine’s creative menu has made breakfast and brunch a memorable adventure all day long. Since our founding in 2008, Ben & Florentine breakfast franchise has become one of the most beloved breakfast concepts in Canada — and one of the fastest-growing — and we’re now expanding into the U.S .

Americans are enjoying breakfast all day and seeking healthier food options. A 2019 survey conducted by OnePoll found that 69 percent of the respondents enjoy breakfast for dinner. The respondents would also like healthier options, something Ben & Florentine’s unique and creative menu offers, from delicious smoothies to several varieties of avocado toast. 

Backed by global franchising leaders Kahala Brands™ and MTY Group™, Ben & Florentine offers its guests a variety of fresh, innovative and exciting foods that go beyond the predictable eggs and bacon you can find at any restaurant serving breakfast. The variety of options range from smoothies to skillets, meaning there is something for everyone.Breakfast franchise skillet with avacado

“We’ve evolved in a highly competitive market, and our main point of differentiation is our food,” says Jay Goldstein, VP of Development for Ben & Florentine. “We serve food that is fresh, healthy and innovative, and we give generous portions to our customers. We update our menu every six months to keep our customers excited to come back, which gives us an enormous competitive edge. We’re very excited to bring our concept to the United States, where there is nothing like us in the market.”

Enormous growth potential in U.S. for a breakfast-focused restaurant

When Ben & Florentine opened our first location in Montreal in 2008, the competition was already enormous, and yet Ben & Florentine became a runaway hit. Why? The food was an experience that Canadians couldn’t get anywhere else. While other restaurants were serving the traditional plates of bacon and eggs, Ben & Florentine was busy elevating breakfast to high art with our magazine-style menu, a concept not yet found in the U.S. market.

“We’re the innovator of the breakfast market, and that has contributed enormously to our success,” says Jay Goldstein. “While we serve some traditional breakfast items, we’re very playful with our menu and our products. We’re constantly searching for new trends, and our customers come to us because they’re looking for a new experience that they can’t get anywhere else.”

Do you have a passion for breakfast food, customer service and the desire to lead a team as part of our rapidly growing brand? We are focused on U.S. expansion, particularly bigger markets along the east coast, with specific focus on development in Florida. Many Canadian retirees spend the winter months in Florida, so there already is brand recognition in the Sunshine State.

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