The U.S. Market is Ready for Breakfast Franchise Ben & Florentine

Breakfast is the restaurant industry’s rising star and Ben & Florentine is poised to stand out with its creative and fresh menu

Americans love their breakfast, whether they grab a smoothie on the go or enjoy a traditional sit-down breakfast of bacon, eggs and pancakes. There are few options, however, for high-quality, competitively priced breakfast options at U.S. restaurants. This combined with the fact that breakfast is the only growing segment in the $798 billion U.S. restaurant industry makes the timing perfect for established Canadian breakfast franchise Ben & Florentine™ to announce its U.S. expansion.

Breakfast consumption is expected to increase 5% through 2019, according to market research group NPD Group. Despite Americans eating more breakfast — and dining out for it — than ever before, there is a considerable lack of quality competition in the brunch/all-day breakfast restaurant segment. This is where Ben & Florentine steps in with a creative breakfast and brunch experience featuring trendsetting menu items and bold flavor profiles that delight customers and drive sales.

Artisanal dishes at competitive prices builds brand loyalty

Backed by global franchising leader Kahala Brands™, Ben & Florentine offers consumers a variety of fresh, innovative and exciting foods on a regularly updated menu — a step well beyond the predictable eggs and bacon you find at most restaurants.

“The breakfast market in the United States is growing rapidly, and there is little competition for us — most of the brands serve low-end, cheap, fast meals that you might feel guilty about eating later. We do the exact opposite — we specialize in high-end meals at an affordable price. We’re excited to welcome new entrepreneurs as we expand our brand in the United States,” says Michel Lamontagne, Brand President.

Speed of growth proves concept has durability

“We’ve spent 10 years proving our business model in more than Canadian 55 locations, and in that time we have developed a wildly enthusiastic customer base,” Lamontagne adds. “Ben & Florentine is strikingly different from other breakfast chains — from the cozy chic of our restaurants to our menu, which is refreshed every six months.”

Since opening its first location 10 years ago, Ben & Florentine has grown to over 55 locations. The brand’s promise to continually innovate its menu has created an enthusiastic customer base in Canada and it’s ready for its U.S. debut, he says.

“Where else can you find brunch-all-day items, such as French Toast and Crepes, and bold, innovative flavor profiles such as a Mexican skillet, which places eggs on a bed of chorizo, avocado and Ben & Florentine’s famous home fries? The menu also features healthier fare, like fresh smoothies and several varieties of avocado toast,” he notes. “And regular menu updates, which add new items every six months, generate customer excitement and also give franchisees the opportunity to boost their sales and serve items that are trending in the market.”

Learn more about Ben & Florentine franchise

Ben & Florentine has the business model, simplified operations and enhanced training to make owning and operating a restaurant more accessible to U.S. entrepreneurs who share our passion for an exceptional breakfast experience. For in-depth details about the Ben & Florentine franchise opportunity, request our free franchise report. You also can learn more by visiting our research pages.