Why Is the Ben & Florentine Franchise Getting Brunch Right?

Popular Canadian brand puts an innovative twist on classic breakfast foods by serving a trend-setting menu all day long

Ben & Florentine™ is bringing its proven concept of fresh and exciting all-day breakfast food to the brunch-hungry United States for the first time. Ben & Florentine already is one of the most popular breakfast franchises in Canada, and now it is ready to meet America’s growing interest in high-quality, affordable breakfast. And the United States offers a market that has little competition or creativity.

Backed by global franchising leaders Kahala Brands™ and MTY Group™, Ben & Florentine offers consumers a variety of fresh, innovative and exciting foods on a regularly updated menu — a step well beyond the predictable eggs and bacon you can find at any restaurant that serves breakfast.

“The breakfast market in the United States is growing rapidly, and there is little competition for us — most of the brands serve low-end, cheap, fast meals that you might feel guilty about eating later. We do the exact opposite — we specialize in high-end meals at an affordable price. We’re excited to welcome new entrepreneurs as we expand our brand in the United States,” says Michel Lamontagne, Brand President of Ben & Florentine. “We’ve spent 10 years proving our business model in over 55 locations in Canada, and in that time we have developed a wildly enthusiastic customer base. Ben & Florentine is strikingly different from other breakfast chains — from the cozy chic of our restaurants to our menu, which is refreshed every six months.”

The market is primed for a breakfast concept that serves healthier, innovative and playful meals, and that is capable of serving customers of all ages, and most taste preferences.

Ben & Florentine makes brunch a daily event

Travel to any major metropolitan city or even sleepy suburb and ask for breakfast spot recommendations, and you’ll find that there is “the” town favorite everyone flocks to. But even many of those just serve the basics, and only during breakfast hours. Brunch may be a limited weekend event or served only in conjunction with holidays, such as Easter, Mother’s Day or Christmas. But consumer research shows that people crave brunch year round. The NPD Group reports that 70% of customers want to see breakfast items on menus beyond the traditional breakfast hours — and with brunch quickly becoming a way for millennials and baby boomers alike to unwind on the weekends, Ben & Florentine is ready to satisfy people who crave breakfast all weekend and all week.

“Our restaurants have historically done about 50% of their business on weekdays and 50% of their business on the weekends,” says Jay Goldstein, VP of Franchise Development with Ben & Florentine. “This means that we have succeeded in capturing both the people who need a good breakfast before work, as well as the families and friends who enjoy going out together for brunch.”

Ben & Florentine satisfies cravings for quality, innovative breakfast

Ben & Florentine has won thousands of fans in Canada by creating a menu that features brunch-all-day items such as French Toast and Crepes, and bold, innovative flavor profiles such as our Mexican skillet, where eggs made to order are served on a bed of chorizo and avocado alongside our famous homefries. We also serve healthier options, such as fresh smoothies and varieties of avocado toast. Most importantly, Ben & Florentine updates our magazine-style menu every six months with trending items, giving customers something to look forward to and giving our franchisees the opportunity to boost sales.

“The proof of our concept being successful is definitely the fact that our existing franchisees are investing in their second, third and fourth locations,” says Lamontagne, Brand President of Ben & Florentine. “We’ve evolved in a highly competitive market, and our main point of differentiation is our food. We serve food that is fresh, healthy and innovative, and we give generous portions to our customers. We update our menu every six months to keep our customers excited to come back, which gives us an enormous competitive edge. We’re very excited to bring our concept to the United States, where there is nothing like us in the market.”

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