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On November 5th, 2019

Ben & Florentine Brunch Franchise is a Concept Consumers Can’t Get Anywhere Else

Innovative menu and commitment to an elevated brunch concept bring customers back time after time When Ben & Florentine opened our first location in Montreal in 2008, we knew we had to stand out from the many franchise brunch concepts that serve family-style meals. We offered food that went beyond the traditional bacon and eggs ...

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On October 30th, 2019

Ben & Florentine Breakfast Franchise Exceeds Multi-Unit Owner’s Expectations

Learn more about early franchisee Rob Trainor’s excitement for the breakfast franchise brand and how management supports his growing business Rob Trainor was one of Ben & Florentine’s first franchisees, and his positive experiences during those early days as the breakfast franchise brand grew to become one of Canada’s largest breakfast franchises led him to ...

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On October 16th, 2019

Ben & Florentine Brunch Franchise Can Be a Worthy Investment Option

Proven Canadian breakfast franchise system expanding to the US and making brunch an everyday event Popular Canadian breakfast franchise Ben & Florentine™ ...

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On September 17th, 2019

How a Server Rose to Become a Successful Ben & Florentine Franchise Owner

Breakfast restaurant ownership is a dream come true for former server who was drawn to fresh, creative menu and family-friendly business model ...

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On September 9th, 2019

How Owning a Breakfast Franchise Gives Owners Work-Life Balance

Ben & Florentine franchise owner opens up about his growing business and how he’s able to live and work on his terms ...

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On July 29th, 2019

Ben & Florentine Can Be Ideal For Multi-Unit Franchise Ownership

Economic model and innovative menu have established brand as one of the largest breakfast franchise systems in Canada The Ben & Florentine™ ...

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On July 15th, 2019

Ben & Florentine Offers Industry-Leading Training and Support Platforms

One-of-a-kind breakfast franchise backed by global franchise giants Kahala Brands and MTY Group Opening a Ben & Florentine™ breakfast franchise has been ...

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On July 2nd, 2019

Owning a Ben & Florentine Breakfast Franchise Can Provide a Balanced Lifestyle

Focus on breakfast and brunch can provide franchisees with flex time in afternoons A Ben & Florentine™ breakfast restaurant franchise can offer ...

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On June 18th, 2019

Popular Canadian Breakfast Franchise Ben & Florentine Specializes in Brunch All Day

Ben & Florentine meets growing consumer demand for brunch and breakfast beyond holidays and morning hours Breakfast foods aren’t relegated to just ...

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On June 17th, 2019

Breakfast Franchise Ben & Florentine Serves as a Community Hub

Ben & Florentine’s fresh, delicious breakfast and brunch menus are crowd pleasers for early risers, families and business people looking to congregate ...

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