Ben & Florentine Franchise FAQS

Answers to common questions about ownership with the Ben & Florentine franchise

Below is a list of answers to common questions prospective franchise owners ask while they are researching franchise ownership with Ben & Florentine. If you don’t see the answer to your specific question on this list, please give us a call using the number on this page or fill out a form to download our Franchise Information Report and learn more.

Is Ben & Florentine a new brand?

While Ben & Florentine is new to the United States market, if you drive over the border into Canada, you’ll discover that we’re one of the biggest brands in the booming Canadian breakfast market. In 10 years in business, Ben & Florentine has grown to more than 55 locations in Canada, with many more in development — making us the second-largest breakfast franchise in the country. Our proven business model has helped dozens of entrepreneurs realize their dreams of owning breakfast restaurants that have a meaningful impact on the communities they serve, provide an excellent quality of life, and deliver healthy, fresh and artistic food. Our lasting success in Canada has resulted in our ability to replicate our proven business model in the US, where the demand for quality breakfast restaurants is skyrocketing.

What is the total investment?

Ben & Florentine is an affordable business to own, with a proven business model and the full support of one of the largest franchisors in the world. The total investment to open a new Ben & Florentine franchise ranges from $619,650 – $980,200.

What is the franchise fee and royalty structure?

We charge $35,000 for our current initial franchise fee and a royalty of 5%. See our current Franchise Disclosure Document for additional details.

What are the qualifications for ownership?

We are seeking investors with a minimum of $200,000 liquid assets and a total of $500,000 net worth. A solid history of restaurant and hospitality experience is preferred, though it is not a requirement. We do require that our franchisees have a passion for breakfast food, a drive to succeed and the desire to become a meaningful part of your community.

What are the growth markets for Ben & Florentine?

Through the support of the MTY Group family of franchise opportunities, we exploded across Canada, eventually growing to more than 55 restaurants. Now, we’re bringing this concept to America, where the demand for high-quality breakfast and brunch options is rapidly growing.

We have significant pent-up demand and room for prime new locations throughout the United States. We offer tremendous growth potential with available space in choice locations. We believe our brand will quickly achieve great name recognition and earn a reputation for being one of the best bets in the breakfast dining space.

What makes a good location?

Ben & Florentine does well in locations with a large amount of foot traffic and a local population with higher-than-average annual incomes, competing well with QSR concepts. Our upscale appearance belies an affordable dining experience that encourages regulars and provides the “wow factor” for people who want a high-quality brunch on the weekends. Areas with high counts for both foot and vehicle traffic will drive business, while good visibility will draw customer attention to your branding and marketing. Ben & Florentine works well in locations where other QSR locations work, such as large shopping centers and busy residential-business areas.

Can I own multiple Ben & Florentine locations?

While multiple unit ownership opportunities are certainly possible, we encourage our franchisees to begin their new career as the owner of a Ben & Florentine with one location. Once you have developed a mastery over your business, we will help you scale up to multi-unit ownership efficiently and effectively.

How many employees do I need?

Every Ben & Florentine restaurant is led by a working owner who oversees a staff of between 15 and 20 individuals, consisting of seven to 10 members per shift, depending on the size of the unit.


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