How is Ben & Florentine Different?

Ben & Florentine is a breakfast and brunch experience like nothing else in the industry

Americans are obsessed with breakfast. We read articles on what famous people eat for breakfast, watch television shows that feature celebrity chefs eating decadent brunches, and we’re creating new industries, such as the grab-n-go breakfast industry, which is expected to generate $1.8 billion by 20261. While more Americans are eating more breakfast — and going out to eat more for breakfast — than ever before, it is shocking to consider the lack of competition in the brunch-all-day breakfast restaurant segment.

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While many restaurants, including fast-food chains, are jumping on the bandwagon by adding all-day breakfast items to their menus, not all
breakfasts are equal. Enter Ben & Florentine. Since our founding in 2008, Ben & Florentine has become one of the most beloved breakfast concepts in Canada — and one of the fastest- growing franchises. Ben & Florentine’s success is due to a radically different approach to
the traditional breakfast fare, a wildly diverse menu that is updated every six months, and
a commitment to customer service that encourages our customers to become regulars.

Breakfast as you’ve never had it before

Our menu is designed to repeatedly excite our customers. If you look at one of the magazine-style menus, you will see photos our customers uploaded to their social media feeds — and who can blame them? Our approach to breakfast is bold, innovative and adventurous, and we use only the freshest ingredients to ensure that our customers not only have healthier options, but also that their taste buds will be rewarded on every bite.

specialty breakfast menu - breakfast franchise

We offer six different smoothies, eight playful takes on eggs benedict, four styles of avocado toast, six old-fashioned skillets, and so much more. Where else can you get a Three Musketeers Crepe, which features sausages rolled in a blanket of crepes covered with cheddar, or a Mexican Skillet, which features egg, chorizo, peppadew peppers and more for a heavenly treat? Where else can you get a Breakfast Club Sandwich or a Veggie & Quinoa Skillet? We could go on — but we’re afraid you might get too hungry!

“Our restaurants have historically done about 50% of their business on weekdays and 50% of their business on the weekends,” says Jay Goldstein, VP of Franchise Development with Ben & Florentine. “This means that we have succeeded in capturing both the people who need a good breakfast before work, as well as the families and friends who enjoy going out together for brunch.”

Far More than Breakfast & Brunch

In addition to our exceptional breakfast and brunch offerings, Ben & Florentine also has a robust lunch menu to help our franchisees maximize their profit potential, while also providing them with restaurant hours that provide the potential for higher quality of life.

Our lunch fare is incredibly diverse and just as adventurous as our breakfast menu. We serve hamburger steaks, a Philly Cheesesteak-inspired burger, an avocado wrap, chef’s salad, and vegetarian options such as deluxe grilled cheese and Florentine’s veggie burger.

1 – Natural Products Insider, “On-The-Go Breakfast Food Sector to Reach $1.9 Billion by 2026”

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