What Is Ben & Florentine Franchise?

Wildly popular and innovative breakfast franchise ready to expand in the United States

Ben & Florentine breakfast franchise is an overwhelming success story in Canada, where our brand has grown to more than 55 locations and is now one of the nation’s largest breakfast brands. For the first time, we are taking our proven concept to the United States, where the breakfast market is rapidly expanding and there is little competition for a high-end, affordable and innovative approach to breakfast, brunch and lunch.

If you’re going to open a restaurant, a brand that delivers on breakfast is a great choice. In the United States, going out to breakfast is quickly becoming one of America’s favorite pastimes. According to a recent study commissioned by General Mills Food Service, the numbers of people who have fallen in love with breakfast is increasing: “Consumers have a deep affection for breakfast, with three in five Americans (62 percent) saying breakfast is their favorite meal of the day and more than half (56 percent) saying they love breakfast food more now than they did a year ago.”

“The good news is, we seem to have finally gotten the message about the most important meal of the day,” the publication reports. “According to new data from market research firm The NPD Group, the consumption of breakfast is expected to increase 5% through 2019.”

While the majority of the growth in the breakfast segment is due to fast-food giants getting in on the action, the market is primed for a breakfast concept that serves healthy, innovative and playful meals, is capable of serving customers of all dietary preferences, and ages and has the ability to offer high-end and affordable brunch meals. The National Restaurant Association survey reports that 70% of customers want to see breakfast items on menus beyond the traditional breakfast hours — and with brunch quickly becoming a way for millennials and baby boomers alike to unwind on the weekends, the potential for a brand to meet the demand is enormous.

This is where Ben & Florentine excels. In Canada, Ben & Florentine has won thousands of fans by creating a menu that features brunch-all-day items, such as French Toast and Crepes, and bold, innovative flavor profiles such as our Mexican skillet, which places eggs on a bed of chorizo, avocado and our famous homefries. We also serve nutritious treats, such as our fresh smoothies and our varieties of avocado toast. Most importantly, Ben & Florentine updates our menu every six months, not only to give customers something new to get excited about, but to give our franchisees the opportunity to boost their sales and serve items that are trending nationwide.

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“The proof of our concept being successful is definitely the fact that our existing franchisees are investing in their second, third and fourth location,” says Michel Lamontagne, Brand President of Ben & Florentine. “We’ve evolved in a highly competitive market, and our main point of differentiation is our food. We serve food that is fresh, healthy and innovative, and we give generous portions to our customers. We update our menu every six months to keep our customers excited to come back, which gives us an enormous competitive edge. We’re very excited to bring our concept to the United States, where there is nothing like us in the market.”

Training and Support

Ben & Florentine has spent the past decade perfecting our business model, streamlining operations to make owning and operating a breakfast restaurant accessible and affordable for entrepreneurs who share our passion for exceptional food and terrific customer experience.

In order to help you thrive as a restaurant owner, we provide an intensive three weeks of training at an operating Ben & Florentine restaurant. You will not only learn how to master our crepes and how to prepare a delicious smoothie, you also will learn every aspect of your new business, including how to greet customers, how to lead your team, how to take inventory and so much more. By the end of this training, you will have the confidence and skill set necessary to establish your business as a thriving and prosperous breakfast restaurant that brings joy to your community.

In addition, you will be supported by Kahala Brands and MTY Food Group, which together gross more than $1 billion in annual sales and have more than 5,500 franchised locations open in almost 30 countries around the world. MTY and Kahala have successful brands such as Cold Stone Creamery and Pinkberry in their portfolio, which means you will have access to a robust, industry-leading support network that includes extensive marketing support, ongoing coaching and more.

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“The breakfast segment in the United States is really exciting because there are so few brands that offer great food and exceptional customer service at a great price point,” says Jay Goldstein, VP of Franchise Development with Ben & Florentine. “We’re looking for people who are excited about being an owner-operator, have an understanding and love of customer service, enjoy leading a team and being a part of their community. We want people who desire to create a family environment not only for their employees, but also to welcome their customers as though they were a friend or family member coming over to share a meal.”


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