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Ben & Florentine is a first-to-market franchise opportunity in a booming segment

Considering that the breakfast segment is the only growing part of the $798 billion restaurant industry, the decision to open a breakfast restaurant is savvy one. The reasons for the growth are simple: 1) Americans are eating more breakfast than ever before, 2) More than 70% of Americans want to see breakfast items featured all day long on menus, 3) Brunch has become a weekend institution for young and old alike.

Ben & Florentine - high profit franchises

While the breakfast restaurant industry is rapidly growing, not all breakfast franchise opportunities are equal. Enter Ben & Florentine: The reason to invest in a Ben & Florentine franchise is because we have time-tested and proven our business model within 55 locations in 10 years in Canada, where our brand is the second-largest breakfast chain in the nation. In that time frame, we have helped dozens of entrepreneurs realize their dreams of owning a breakfast restaurant that serves their community and provides the potential of a better quality of life, with more time for friends and family.

“Ben & Florentine has become one of the largest breakfast brands in Canada because the product is exceptional and the economic model really works,” says Michel Lamontagne, Brand President of Ben & Florentine. “Our economic model is excellent, and our franchisees are very satisfied with the performance of their stores. We’re very proud of that, as we want our franchisees to thrive in their businesses, enjoy being in a business that serves customers, enjoy leading a team and enjoy terrific work-life balance. The best answer to ‘Is our concept working?’ is that our franchisees are investing in more locations. It’s one of the best examples of the strength of the brand — the organic growth that comes from existing franchisees.”

unique restaurant models - ben & florentine franchises

Ben & Florentine franchisees have access to multiple revenue streams

While being new and different is a tremendous asset in terms of immediately establishing a brand identity, our franchisees benefit from multiple revenue streams.

unique breakfast franchise menuInnovative menu appeals to customers of all eating habits and dietary preferences

Ben & Florentine is the rare brand that can cater to all types of diners, from those who want only healthy breakfast options to those who are seeking a more decadent and hearty breakfast meal. Ben & Florentine also proudly serves vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options for guests.

breakfast and lunch menu - ben & florentine franchise opportunities

The menu is updated every six months

For customers who are always seeking something new, Ben & Florentine delivers by updating our menu every six months. While we leave in our tried-and-true favorites, we are always looking for new food trends and products that will entice our guests to come back to experience breakfast in a bold new way. In recent years, Ben & Florentine has added playful variations on avocado toast, as well as hearty skillets, such as our Mexican Skillet, which offers a spicy and ethnic approach to the traditional eggs, bacon and homefries.

lunch franchise opportunitiesFar more than breakfast

Ben & Florentine may be widely beloved in Quebec for our delicious and playful takes on eggs benedict and french toast, but our restaurants also are a popular lunch destination. We offer a full lunchtime menu, including burgers, sandwiches, salads and more, helping our franchisees to generate revenues beyond breakfast.


Unique menuPopular during weekdays and weekends

Ben & Florentine franchise owners have historically generated 50% of their revenues during the week and 50% during the weekends, on average. This makes Ben & Florentine a far more versatile business model than other restaurant concepts, as Ben & Florentine can accommodate workers on the go just as well as a family who wants to enjoy a leisurely weekend brunch.


Several ways to create profit - Ben& Florentine franchisesCatering

Ben & Florentine franchisees have access to an important revenue stream of catering parties and events. Our aesthetically pleasing, deliciously satisfying catering options are unique and affordable for consumers, while also potentially lucrative for our franchisees.

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