Ben & Florentine Breakfast Franchise Attracts Multi-Unit Owners

More than half of franchisee network own multiple locations due to ease of business model

The Ben & Florentine™ breakfast franchise concept has taken Canada by storm for nearly a decade, with many owners investing their time and money in additional locations soon after launching their flagship location, a testament to our straightforward business model. More than half of our franchisees – about 63 percent – own two to four locations. 

“I believe they are reinvesting because they like the concept, and it’s an easy operation to run,” said Angelos Billas, Director of Operations with Ben & Florentine. “Once you have one location and you get used to it, it’s very easy to run two, three, or four locations. This is a proven business in Quebec and I believe it can grow probably twice or three times as fast in the United States.”

Many restaurants, including fast-food chains, are adding all-day breakfast items to their menus, but Ben & Florentine’s creative menu has made breakfast an art form. Since our founding in 2008, Ben & Florentine has become one of the most beloved breakfast concepts in Canada – and one of the fastest-growing – and we’re ready to transform the American breakfast segment.ben and florentine breakfast franchise is different

Ben & Florentine offers rewarding work-life balance for owners

Ben & Florentine already has a proven track record in Canada, where it has helped dozens of entrepreneurs realize the dream of owning a unique restaurant that quickly becomes the community hub for coffee with friends, brunch with family or breakfast with business associates. Many of our franchisees are multi-unit owners, a testament to how enjoyable it is to own and operate a Ben & Florentine, as well as proof that the concept is easily managed. 

While the food industry can be attractive to many entrepreneurs, traditional restaurant hours can be long and demanding. Ben & Florentine offers much more flexible breakfast-centric hours, with earlier closing times. It’s a model that fosters a rare type of work-life balance in the food industry and one that initially attracts many owners, like former Ben & Florentine server and now Ben & Florentine franchisee Catherine Lefebvre. 

“Owning a breakfast restaurant like Ben & Florentine means you can balance your family life and personal life because the restaurant closes at 3 p.m., which allows you to have your evenings to enjoy with your family and friends,” Lefebvre says.

 Do you have a passion for breakfast food, customer service and the desire to lead a team as part of our rapidly growing brand? We are focused on U.S. expansion, particularly bigger markets along the east coast, with specific focus on development in Florida. Many Canadian retirees spend the winter months in Florida, so there already is brand recognition in the Sunshine State.

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