How Owning a Breakfast Franchise Gives Owners Work-Life Balance

Ben & Florentine franchise owner opens up about his growing business and how he’s able to live and work on his terms

Ali Chaudry worked in several Ben & Florentine™ locations prior to opening his own location. The work/life balance that comes with running a breakfast restaurant that closes mid-afternoon and the dynamic atmosphere of the Ben & Florentine brand fueled his passion to transition from team member to breakfast franchise owner.

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“I was very comfortable with the way the business worked,” Chaudry says. “I got to learn it inside out with other owners and other colleagues. It was a natural fit, so it only made sense for me after putting in so much time working with the company, to acquire my own location and start my own professional career on that path.”

Ben & Florentine is one of the largest breakfast franchise brands in Canada, where we have grown to more than 55 locations. Since our founding in 2008, our commitment to serving unique, playful and high-end breakfast foods at affordable prices has won us thousands of devoted customers, and our business model has provided entrepreneurs with the ability to realize their dreams of owning a breakfast restaurant. Now, as Ben & Florentine enters the United States for the first time — we are poised to revolutionize how Americans enjoy breakfast as we rapidly expand across the country.

“I’m most proud of being part of the ride and the journey,” Chaudry says. “Ben & Florentine has come a long way from a single store to more than 55 locations, and it’s well on its way to many, many more. I think the future is bright, and it’s only going up from here.”

Owning a breakfast-centric restaurant concept has provided him work/life balance you don’t often find in the restaurant industry.

“I think it’s somewhat a balance of lifestyle,” he says. “You have to have the firepower to go out and start your day. Being able to close shop at 3:00 p.m. and find a balance in lifestyle is one of the main reasons it is such an appealing business to own.”

Upbeat, friendly atmosphere make owning a Ben & Florentine breakfast franchise rewarding

Operating a business that is often the first stop for many before they start their day has also been a rewarding aspect of Ben & Florentine ownership for Chaudry.

“It’s the cherry on top, the fact that you are able to engage and talk with clients on a daily basis and put smiles on their faces,” he says. “It’s usually their first meal of the day so it kind of adds to that. It puts you in a good state of mind as you prepare yourself for the day.”

The menu and atmosphere also make Ben & Florentine stand out as a welcoming community breakfast spot.

“The open kitchen concept also contributes to the trendy and up tempo atmosphere,” Chaudry says. “The idea that everyone is working together as a team and family contributes to that.”

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