Ben & Florentine Breakfast Franchise a Simple, Scalable Concept

Canadian breakfast franchise helps entrepreneurs realize dreams of restaurant ownership that doesn’t stop with one location

If your dream is to open a breakfast restaurant in your community, you may not realize that you don’t have to have experience to realize your dream. Ben & Florentine™, one of the most popular breakfast brands in Canada, is now franchising in the United States, and we’re bringing our proven business model with us. Since our founding in 2008, we’ve helped dozens of entrepreneurs realize their dream of owning a thriving breakfast franchise – and now we’re going to help American entrepreneurs do the same thing.

“You don’t need any experience in the restaurant industry to franchise with Ben & Florentine,” says Nicolas Lazin, Marketing and Communication Director with Ben & Florentine in Canada. “The entire head office is here to help you to launch your restaurant with success. Our training in the restaurant is a three- to four-week process, where you learn every aspect of the restaurant. We also do one week of classroom training, so you learn how to make payroll and order inventory, and how to market effectively in your community. We’re a team – and we will work together every step of the way to help you thrive in your business.”

As this easy-to-implement and affordable concept from Canada breaks through in the United States, Ben & Florentine is excited to welcome new entrepreneurs with a passion for breakfast food, customer service and the desire to lead a team. For entrepreneurs seeking a flexible schedule, Ben & Florentine is a strong business model already proven in Canada and a unique food brand that focuses on high-quality, fresh and affordable breakfast and brunch.ben and florentine breakfast franchises are different

Simple business model is easy to scale

Ben & Florentine may be a new concept to American diners, but it’s become one of the most popular breakfast franchise systems in Canada over the past 10 years. One of the perks of becoming a Ben & Florentine franchisee is having the support of two of the largest franchise companies in the world – Kahala Brands™ and MTY Group™ – who together have opened more than 5,500 franchised locations representing 70 brands around the world. A franchisor of this size comes with all the internal support a franchisee needs to successfully open and operate their restaurant and in the case of Ben & Florentine, this is prompting owners to reinvest in multiple locations.

“About 63 percent of our brand is franchisees having multiple stores, being two, three or four locations,” says Angelo BIllas, Director of Operations in Canada. I believe they are reinvesting because they like the concept and they are making good profit margins on their investment. It’s an easy operation to run. Once you have one and you get used to it, it’s very easy to run two or three or four locations. That’s why I believe that if in the U.S. you can get in on the ground floor, this is a proven business concept in Quebec and I believe that it can grow twice or three times as fast in the U.S.”

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