Ben & Florentine Brunch Franchise is a Concept Consumers Can’t Get Anywhere Else

Innovative menu and commitment to an elevated brunch concept bring customers back time after time

When Ben & Florentine opened our first location in Montreal in 2008, we knew we had to stand out from the many franchise brunch concepts that serve family-style meals. We offered food that went beyond the traditional bacon and eggs being served everywhere else, elevating breakfast to high art. 

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“We’re the innovator of the breakfast market, and that has contributed enormously to our success,” says Michel Lamontagne, Brand President of Ben & Florentine in Canada. “While we serve some traditional breakfast items, we’re very playful with our menu and our products. We’re constantly searching for new trends, and our customers come to us because they’re looking for a new experience that they can’t get anywhere else.”

As this easy-to-implement concept from Canada breaks through in the United States, Ben & Florentine is excited to welcome new entrepreneurs with a passion for breakfast food, customer service and the desire to lead a team. For entrepreneurs seeking a flexible schedule, Ben & Florentine is a strong business model already proven in Canada and a unique food brand that focuses on high-quality, fresh and affordable breakfast and brunch.

U.S. market is ready for an innovative breakfast and brunch franchise concept

While most restaurants relegate brunch to weekends or special occasions, Ben & Florentine has won thousands of fans in Canada by creating a menu that features brunch-all-day items such as french toast and crepes, and bold, innovative flavor profiles such as our Mexican skillet. We also serve healthier options, such as fresh smoothies and varieties of avocado toast. Most importantly, Ben & Florentine updates our magazine-style menu every six months with trending items, giving customers something to look forward to and giving our franchisees the opportunity to boost sales.

“The proof of our concept being successful is definitely the fact that our existing franchisees are investing in their second, third and fourth locations,” Lamontagne says. “We’ve evolved in a highly competitive market, and our main point of differentiation is our food. We serve food that is fresh, healthy and innovative, and we give generous portions to our customers. We update our menu every six months to keep our customers excited to come back, which gives us an enormous competitive edge. We’re very excited to bring our concept to the United States, where there is nothing like us in the market.”

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